Wondering when I will be deported ….

From the Chronicle of Higher Education

The U.S. Education Department has given the Federal Bureau of Investigation information on hundreds of students who applied for financial aid over the past five years as part of the federal government’s antiterrorism investigations following the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The program, known as Project Strike Back, was aimed at finding out if suspected terrorists were financing their operations through federal student aid obtained by using other students’ identities. The secret effort was uncovered by a journalism student at Northwestern University, Laura McGann.

Televised Racism

Over the next two weeks, you best opportunity to watch racism on t.v. will be the US Open tennis championship, televised on the USA television network. The commentators, analysts, and announcers will regale us with how wonderful the straight white tennis players are, and how the lesbians and the black players are struggling and can’t commit to their game. Venus and Serena may be the most popular tennis players in the nation, but you won’t be able to tell that by listening to the coverage. You’ll have wonderful queries like the one today in which the announcers wondered why Mauresmo isn’t talked about more. If they want to here her talked about more, why don’t they talk about her more. They are the ones on national t.v. We’ll here tons about how pretty Maria Sharapova is, in reference to her new Nike commercial. But Serena Williams, who designs her own clothing, will be doubted at every opportunity. Have fun!



First day of school today. My third year teaching at Bluffton. I now share seniority in my department with only one other person. Seniority is an interesting thing as the oldest person in our department will finish his graduate work last, and the newest member of the department finished his Ph.D. first.

Threw my back out this morning reaching for a towel. First time anything like this has happened to me. I’m in unbelievable pain.

Off to teach.