An Open Letter to Bill Dwyre

Mr. Dwyre,

I agree with you that Ms. Henin played better tennis last night. But I have an idea for you. How about a column on how Ms. Henin receives coaching during a match but receives no sanction and Ms. Williams is sanctioned for reading between games during an earlier match. Remember to include the fact that Henin’s actions are against the rules and Williams within the rules. Maybe you might expand on this to the relentless racism inherent in almost every comment made during matches featuring Ms. Williams or her sister. If I were an African American I would not be able to constrain myself to the comments she was able to constrain herself to.

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Tennis: The sport of those who hate the poor

Don’t get me wrong. I like tennis. It’s a beautiful game. But I think it was Courier tonight, who upon hearing McEnroe remember that Roger Federer thought that money could be better spent on having more kids be given access to the game, said, in a brilliant combination of absolutely specious logic, American close-mindedness, entitlment, and rabidhypercapitalism, said:

If you don’t invest in yourself, you don’t grow, it’s about time we invested in ourselves, Roger just doesn’t want change, if I won as much as he did I wouldn’t want change either, Don’t even change the balls. Just keep playing.

That’s right Jim, just keep playing.