First day of school today. My third year teaching at Bluffton. I now share seniority in my department with only one other person. Seniority is an interesting thing as the oldest person in our department will finish his graduate work last, and the newest member of the department finished his Ph.D. first.

Threw my back out this morning reaching for a towel. First time anything like this has happened to me. I’m in unbelievable pain.

Off to teach.

One thought on “Back

  1. I believe it– and it is no fun.

    I would suggest alternating heat and cold: a heating pad, followed by an ice pack. And lying flat on your back, with knees bent.

    Ginger ale is not necessary with this form of distress, but is a nice frill. (^_^)

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, bro.

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