seems people like joel garver and susie shaefer are starting to blog again. i wonder if its nostalgia for the old days or if with the advent/onslaught of twitter people are realizing that sometimes the like to talk in burst longer than 140 characters or alternately that they realizing that social networking in a virtual body is a newly stable feature of human life. for me, i’m nostalgic for the way i used to butcher the language, like in that last sentence.

Gervais vs. Bush

I’ve decided upon watching this that what I most want to see, and I don’t care how it happens, is an conversation between Ricky Gervais [in character as David Brent} and George Bush. I think that it would give us a real insight into Bushian/Gervaisian thought processes. Preferably, they would both be hooked up to some kind of brain monitoring system so that we could measure the peaks when they decided what would direct their next comment.

Gervais/Brent: What is your view of intelligence and of design and their connection and of creation?

Bush: I feel like both sides ought to be properly taught.

Gervais/Brent: And this is what’s important, isn’t it, that we have sides. Like on dice, which are good for gambling.

Bush: Yes, what is important is that we pursue the good, and protect our ability to be good. We need to protect ouserlves.

Gervais/Brent: I’ve always been an advocate of protection. But you just don’t know what kind of disease are out there do you? Protection is crucial.

Bush: Yes, it’s like my father use to say, that we need to more kind and also more gentle; A sort of decisive gentleness. I decide that there should be gentle things. I’m for the gentle.

Gervais/Brent: Don’t get me started on fathers ….

Televised Racism

Over the next two weeks, you best opportunity to watch racism on t.v. will be the US Open tennis championship, televised on the USA television network. The commentators, analysts, and announcers will regale us with how wonderful the straight white tennis players are, and how the lesbians and the black players are struggling and can’t commit to their game. Venus and Serena may be the most popular tennis players in the nation, but you won’t be able to tell that by listening to the coverage. You’ll have wonderful queries like the one today in which the announcers wondered why Mauresmo isn’t talked about more. If they want to here her talked about more, why don’t they talk about her more. They are the ones on national t.v. We’ll here tons about how pretty Maria Sharapova is, in reference to her new Nike commercial. But Serena Williams, who designs her own clothing, will be doubted at every opportunity. Have fun!