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The impact of taxation on nigeria economy

1. World Bank and PWC (2015) [3] Paying Taxes Survey in 2005 revealed that taxpayers are able to file tax returns electronically in about 45% of the countriesSep 05, 2018 · IMPACT OF TAX ADMINISTRATION AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA. 9 6. Ofurum et al. 1 Statement of Problem——4. IMPACT OF PETROLEUM TAX ON ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NIGERIA (1970-2012) ABSTRACT Examining the empirical relationship between Economic growth and petroleum taxation is a fundamental step to understanding the economy on the basis of endogenous growth theory and its applicability to the Nigerian situation. The aim of this research is to verify the expected negative relationship between corporate taxation and long-term economic growth. 4 Oil -6. Time series data were applied in carrying out this research work. 20 Chijioke N. It has positive and significant impact on revenue mobilization in Nigeria; it also has positive relationship with consumption. Dedication———iii. a value of 2. 2 Purpose of the Study——5. Table of Content——–vii. ECONOMIC REPORT ON NIGERIA 2015 1 INTRODUCTORY REMARKS This special edition of the Economic Report on Nigeria aims at serving a dual purpose. : Impact of E–Taxation on Nigeria’s Revenue and Economic Growth: A Pre – Post Analysis in the past 7 years. 3 -8 In Nigeria, the major fiscal policy instruments include changes in taxation rate (on personal income, company income petroleum profits, capital gain, import duties, export duties and excise duties as well as mining rents, royalties an NNPC earning) and government expenditure (recurrent and capital). Value Added Tax (VAT) in an ideal form of taxation in Nigeria tax system and has significantly contributed to resources mobilization as well as capital formation to the economy. 9 -1. Chapter One. Abstract ———vi. Acknowledgement——-iv. what is the impact of corruption on the Nigerian economy what is the cost of corruption in Nigeria what policies can be used to reduce corruption which anti-corruption policies are most suitable to address corruption in Nigeria Over a series of papers, we address the following questions: paper 1 paper 2constitute the Small businesses’ economic environment. The result also, revealed a significant positive relationship at 5% level of significance between Petroleum profit tax, Company Income tax and economic growth, but a negative relationship between economic growth and customs and Excise Duties. . The result further showed that the Durbin Watson (DW) statistic had. 29, meaning that autocorrelation was highly minimized. 0 Introduction ——-1. Certification——–ii. However, the tax components are jointly insignificant in impacting the Nigerian economic growth. 3 4. First, it serves as an instrument for engaging the new Administration of the Federal Government on the Impact 2014 2015 GDP -1. product) have positive impact on gross domestic product (GDP). Over the years, it has been observed that revenue generated from indirect taxation has been substantial and constantly on the increase. Therefore, the objective of this study impact analysis of tax policy and the performance of small and medium scale enterprises in Nigerian economy is to investigate impact of tax policy on the performance of …This is to certify that the project titled “The impact of taxation on Somaliland Economic Growth” is a bona fide work done by Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Ahmed in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Faculty of MS-IT faculty of Management Science and …impact on economic growth: the case of EU countries. This study therefore explored the impact of indirect taxation and economic growth as a possible means of diversifying the Nigerian revenue. VAT Value Added Tax USD United States Dollars. Title Page———i. 3 Significance of Study——8Nov 14, 2018 · Cont’d • The adverse effects of running a mono product (oil) economy (The case of Nigeria) hydro carbon is a non renewable resource Price dictated at world level Crash in the world oil price (A big blow to the economy of Nigeria) Economic recession in Nigeria (2016) • Nigeria now thinking outside the box (Diversification-intensified efforts, national discuss and 2017 National Tax Policy) Tax …have the biggest impact in Nigeria. expenditure, credit to the economy, and the lagged value of gross domestic

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