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The high level of Belgium’s tax rates has long been in contention with Belgium residents. The new treaty is aligned to the OECD model, representing an internationally recognised standard. 2 Double-taxation conventions Belgium as the source state Double-taxation conventions provide mechanisms to avoid or limit international juridical double taxation, via withholding taxes. The Belgian government also offers a range of tax deductions which can help reduce your Belgian tax burden. The agreement refers to the avoidance of double taxation with respect to income taxes. In the circular, the authorities follow the current interpretation of Belgian jurisprudence. The commercial partnership between UAE and Belgium functions already since 1996 and it is meant to increase the collaboration of the two countries. 3. Domestic corporations and PEs of foreign corporations paying dividends, interest, royalties, service fees, and/or certain rentals are required to withhold tax. Provisions of the double tax treaties in Turkey. The Federal Republic of Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg signed a new agreement for the avoidance of double taxation with respect to the taxes on income. As a general rule, all agreements signed …Avoidance of double taxation in Russia’s agreements. The taxes which are the subject of the Luxembourg- Belgium double tax agreement are stipulated under the Article 2. The interpretation of the Belgian tax authorities of the notion employer in the framework of Article 15 of the double taxation treaties concluded by Belgium is outlined in Administrative Circular nr. Our law firm in Dubai can instruct you on the provisions of the UAE-Belgium tax treaty, so that you can apply and benefit of its provisions in your business. . Taxes under the Luxembourg – Belgium double tax treaty. Taxation of immovable property under Turkey’s double tax treaties One of the most important aspects covered by all double tax treaties signed by Turkey relate to immovable property which can take the form of real estate (in most cases), but also forests and land plots exploited for agricultural purposes. Double Tax Treaty UAE - Belgium. The agreement was enforced at the beginning of 2012 in both Switzerland and the UAE. Most double-taxation conventions are based on the OECD Model Tax Convention which stipulates, for example, that the shareholder’s state ofDouble taxation treaties exist to help relieve a Belgian tax resident from having to pay additional income tax to another country. AFZ 2005/0652 (AFZ 08/2005) of 25 May 2005. Hungary has double taxation treaties with the following countries listed below: Albania Armenia Australia Austria (bequest, inheritance) Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Canada Canada (amending minutes) China Croatia Cyprus Czeh Republic Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hong Kong Iceland India IndonesiaGermany/The Netherlands June 2012 New Double Tax Treaty signed between Germany and the Netherlands On 12 April, Germany and the Netherlands signed a new double tax treaty, which is to replace the original treaty which dates back to 1956. Belgian businessmen who are interested in company formation in Luxembourg should know that their company will be liable to a set of taxes prescribed under the Article 2. The new agreement replaces the first one signed between the two countries in 1958, it has a new structure and new principles in line with those imposed by the double tax agreement policy between the two countries. The treaties signed for the avoidance of double taxation aim to regulate the income incurred by a company registered in a contracting state which has business operations in Turkey. Detailed description of corporate withholding taxes in Belgium. Most of Russia’s double tax conventions provide for the following mechanisms for avoiding double taxation: - Russian companies and individuals will benefit from tax credits granted for the taxes paid in the other country;Double Taxation treaties in Kenya According to a double taxation agreements document published by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the Government of the Republic of Kenya has so far concluded Double Taxation Agreements (DTA’s) with a number of countries and is …2

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